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Runway Properties LLC


Runway Properties, LLC - Nationwide Company


Sam, Travis, & Vic from Runway Properties, LLC approached us with a need for graphic design and branding help.  They were in need of a logo, and specifically, a design that could be executed and finalized in a few days in order to meet a print deadline.


They wanted both residential and commercial looking properties, as well as a runway incorporated into their logo.


Though the project was rushed, we enjoyed assessing the Runway Team's desires and steering them in a creative direction they can grow into as their business continues to skyrocket. 


Here is a summary of what we did for Runway Properties LLC:




Sam, Travis, & Vic are extremely busy entrepreneurs with their hands in projects all over the country, so time was of the essence.  In less than an hour, we were able to analyze their needs and create a design concept they loved. 


Graphic Design:


With the information from their consultation, Jaclyn created six slightly varying logo options for them to choose from.  They chose their favorite and the rest is history.


This logo project was started, and completed, within 48 hours.


Now we have an ongoing consulting relationship with Runway Properties.  They use our expertise often for their marketing, graphic design, print media, social media, and website questions.


Travis, Co-Owner of Runway Properties, LLC

Brands mean everything and logos help tell the story. Being a guy, I have little to no creativity, but Jaclyn and her team got us on the right path and we couldn't be happier with our newly designed logo! Thank you!