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Maison Home


Maison Home

Maison Home, based in Dallas, Texas, is a custom home building and renovation firm.  They came to Steele International with a concept with what they wanted to do in their business, but asked for help with naming, branding, social media, and website development.




It was a really fun process helping the partners of Maison Home come up with a name.  We went through many variations, but "maison" which means home in French, and also denotes the word "mason" as in brick mason, felt like the perfect fit for them and their target demographic.




With four partners and widely varying opinions, whittling down Maison's branding required some fine tuning, however, we came up with a concept that they loved.  It felt professional and approachable which is exactly what they wanted.  The colors felt alive and lovely, yet still high end which appealed to their target clientele quite nicely.  




The messaging behind Maison Home is very conversational.  We wanted it to feel like two bare-footed people were discussing ideas about home renovation on a comfy couch over coffee.  It feels comfortable and casual, but to the point - like a very warm person is inviting you into their home for the first time and you end up staying for the day because the conversation and the surroundings are so awesome.




To appeal to a target demographic with large home renovation budgets, we wanted the site to feel very high end.  Maison home specializes in custom design and builds, so simple, lower budget jobs were not their goal.  To attract clients needing large scale kitchen, bathroom, and outdoor space renovations, we made the site feel very customized and high end - just like the work they were doing.


Custom Graphic Design:


Maison Home needed marketing collateral for every area of their business.  We created custom social media collateral, brochures, magazine spreads, business cards, and yard signs for them.  This greatly increased brand recognition and their business grew from 4 to almost 12 employees in under 8 months.

David Rosenbaum

Working with Jaclyn has been an amazing experience! She took our company from concept to completion in a very short period of time and her design concepts were out of this world. She has branded our company to a level well beyond our imagination. Thank you so much, Jaclyn.