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H.M. Fletcher


Heather M. Fletcher

H.M. Fletcher Real Estate Agency is a business based in Georgia focused on finding people their dream home in the Normaltown area of Athens.




Heather is passionate about real estate and she is an expert in the area of Normaltown, however, she was a bit uncertain on how to brand herself in our local (highly competitive) real estate market.  We focused on her primary points of differentiation and used those as beacons going into the branding process.




Heather wanted a brand that reflects her love for her hometown.  She also wanted to be very clear that she isn't in real estate to expand her network all over Georgia - she wants to specialize in Athens, and specifically the Normaltown area.  In listening to Heather, Jaclyn had a hair-brained idea to build a logo based on the map of Normaltown.  


So that is exactly what we did.  We started with a map and built a whole brand around it.




Heather loves one-on-one time with her clients.  With this knowledge, we wanted all of Heather's messaging to feel very personal and approachable - like Heather herself.  We wanted the copy to be clear and concise, but feel conversational so people looking to sell or purchase in the Normaltown area would immediate feel drawn to H.M. Fletcher.


Social Media Collateral:


Social media is an integral step in any real estate agent's marketing plan.  We created custom graphics and templates for Heather that she can use for years to come that will immediately and continually build her brand's recognition.


Custom Business Cards:


We sure love business cards and we had a blast creating bespoke b-cards for Heather.  We went into the creation process wanting to ensure that Heather's card would literally stick out in a bunch of cards, so we made it square and we made it very colorful.

Heather Fletcher

Jaclyn did an amazing job helping me create a brand for my real estate business! She listened to all of my (somewhat incongruous) ideas and turned them into a cohesive product that I am proud to show off :) Literally EVERYONE who has seen my new logo has raved about how unique and eye catching it is. Also, I cannot say enough about how the messaging she put together is a 100% authentic representation of who H.M.Fletcher Real Estate is and what we stand for. Steele International is the way to go for anyone looking to get an edge on branding their company!