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The Graduate Hotel/Foundry Entertainment/Iron Works Coffee/Graduate Spa


Graduate Athens

Steele International has had the privilege of establishing an ongoing relationship with the Graduate Athens - a property in town that includes a hotel, restaurant, spa, coffee shop, and music venue.


Graphic Design:


We have created multiple show posters, website sliders, postcards, flyers, handbills, and custom graphics for social media campaigns - both digital and print - for the Graduate Athens, The Foundry, Iron Works Coffee, and the Graduate Spa.




Troy has asked us to create several custom campaigns for different events their property has hosted.  They have included:


  • - logo design for the events
  • - color palette combinations
  • - 4 to 7 foot printed banners
  • - custom posters
  • - custom website sliders
  • - flyers
  • - handbills
  • - coupons
  • - tickets
  • - lanyards
  • - social media campaign images



We have been able to provide a wide variety of custom marketing materials for all their various needs.


These projects are often ongoing, but specific campaigns generally have about a two week turnaround time from design to print. 

Troy Aubrey

We have worked with Jaclyn Steele many times over the last year on projects for The Foundry and she never fails to deliver quality, professional and creative art for each and every design. She’s got a real knack for marketing our shows and special events with smart imagery and always captures our brand in each of her designs. We look forward to working with her for years to come!