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Golden Sunless Tan


Jess Gabriel

Jess Gabriel is the proud owner of Golden Sunless Tan - a spray tanning business located in Athens, GA.  She offers high end spray tanning services to people of all ages and sizes in a private and boutique style setting.  She's passionate about offering a service that is a catalyst for making people look and feel their best every single day while maintaining the health and integrity of their skin.




When Jess first came to us she was primarily interested in a business consultation.  After sitting with her for several hours, we honed in on the fact that her biggest area of struggle was brand related - she had all the know-how, expertise, and equipment to give stellar spray tans, but she didn't know how to build a brand.  Despite only having a logo, Jess was already receiving 5 star reviews and was getting booked regularly, but she wanted more of brand presence to grow into.




Jess came to us with a logo she loved, so we built upon what she had.  We changed the colors to reflect the long term style she wanted, then built a brand guide, and a brand message for her to use on her website and marketing collateral.




Jess is so much fun and we wanted that to be reflected in the personality of her brand message. "Honest Bodies, Fake Tans" is the tagline we came up with because she wants all women of all shapes and sizes and ages to feel gorgeous and accepted when they step into her business.  We also crafted the rest of the messaging on her website, but not the website itself.  


Marketing Collateral:


Jess wanted some marketing collateral to help her make her mark around town.  We created custom social media graphics, business cards, and gift cards for her.

Jess Gabriel

Jaclyn is such a joy to work with! I used her consulting services and she helped me build a brand literally from the ground up. Couldn't have done it without her. She's professional yet fun but she also listens to you and makes sure to make sure you're comfortable with every decision before moving on to the next step! Jaclyn is the best!