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Gaia Derma


Gaia Derma

Gaia Derma is a boutique skin care studio in Dubuque, IA.  They offer waxing services with natural wax and they are also rolling out a bespoke product line made from limited, high end, natural ingredients.




We had an in-person 2 hour consultation with the Gaia Derma team to assess their current business circumstances versus the trajectory in which they want to head.  Based on this conversation, we came up with a game plan to help them make their goals a strategic action plan with three phases of roll out.




Taking into account what we learned in our consultation with Gaia Derma, we helped them come up with their name, creative direction, logo, brand guide, brand message, and custom graphics for brand recognition.




We came up with Gaia Derma's tagline and brand message.  The owner, Chrystina, has an amazing story and we wanted to incorporate what makes her so unique and qualified into her brand's foundational messaging.  We strive to marry the personalities of our branding clients with the natural lingo of their target clientele to come up with compelling copy.


Marketing Collateral:


We provided Gaia Derma with custom business cards to assist with brand recognition and brand differentiation.


Social Media Graphics:


Every business needs to be on social media, but even more than that, businesses need to stand out amongst their competition.  We created custom social media graphics for Gaia Derma to make them stick out in the highly competitive beauty market.