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Flying Wrench Mobile Repair


Flying Wrench Mobile Repair

Flying Wrench Mobile Repair, based in Virginia, provides a mobile bicycle and small engine repair service out of their custom branded van.




Before beginning the actual work of branding Flying Wrench Mobile repair, we wanted to speak with the owner, Mitchell, to fully understand his goals for the business both from a creative and practical perspective.  By taking the time to listen to his vision for the business, we were better able to come up with designs suited to his preferences and target demographic.




Branding the Flying Wrench was so much fun.  We had never worked with a mobile repair service or the target demographic Mitchell was going for, so in taking on this project, we knew we would be challenged.  We started with the wrench and built the design out from there.  The result is both industrial and modern - just like the owner himself.


Marketing Collateral:


As with any business, marketing collateral is required to get the word out and attract new clientele.  We created custom social media graphics and business cards for Mitchell to help him represent his new business with consistency.

Mitchell Morse