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Fit Mom on Fire


Staci Freed of Fit Mom on Fire

Fit Mom on Fire is a personal training and transformation business based in Athens, GA.  




Staci came to us with her business name and a very clear idea of how she wanted her logo to look.  She is a big fan of tattoos and requested that the logo emulate an already existing tattoo she has near her shoulder.  So, with that in mind, we put her physical tattoo into graphic form and the rest is history... or should we say her-story?


Anyway, from there we built a brand guide for consistency and a few pieces of marketing collateral to help Staci build brand recognition.  While we did not do Fit Mom on Fire's brand message, we crafted the business' tagline based on where Staci wanted to lead the business.


Social Media Collateral:


Fit Mom on Fire was already on social media when we started the branding process, so we wanted to make certain their social media graphics were on point and consistent with the rest of her branding in order to build brand recognition.  We also created some custom Instagram templates that Staci could use for quotes and other advertising purposes.