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Athens Movement Practice


Athens Movement Practice

We had the absolute pleasure of working with Jessica & Marvin Chapman of Athens Movement Practice on their business' rebrand and growth strategy.

It was imperative to them that their new branding felt personal, approachable, and bespoke to them as they wanted there to be authentic meaning behind all aspects of their business.




Jessica and Marvin's project began with consulting.  We went over where they were in their business currently and where they wanted to be 12 months from now.  With that knowledge laid out, we were able to craft a custom plan with specific action steps for the growth of Athens Movement Practice.


Logo Design:


Athens Movement Practice came to us wanting a full rebrand, so we started with their logo. After much sharing and brain storming, Jessica and Marvin decided that they wanted the Fibonacci Sequence to be the primary symbol of their logo as the math behind the sequence continually builds upon itself (just like what they teach about movement in their training sessions).  We re-created the design in Photoshop and then decided on a font that felt bespoke to them.  The result is what you see in this portfolio entry.




Branding is more than a logo.  It's a look, a feel, and a mission.  We locked arms with Jessica and Marvin to bring their aesthetic style to life and to inject their heart into their brand's message.  Their custom branding story is a touch stone they can continually return to for brand inspiration, development, and consistency.


Athens Movement Practice Branding Story


Social Media Collateral:


We provided custom social media images and written content for a social media campaign that Athens Movement Practice then oversaw themselves.  


Video Editing: 


Jessica provided us with promotional video footage for the aforementioned social media campaign, and we edited, uploaded, and readied it for her to share with all of her social media followers.


The entirety of this project spanned about 6 weeks.


We are so proud to have worked with such an awesome business in our hometown of Athens, GA.  It is such a joy to watch Jessica and Marvin's passion for fitness translate into a business model that continues to grow and thrive.



Jessica Groves-Chapman, CEO

When I first met Jaclyn of Steele International, LLC I knew we would be getting more than a logo and branding help. She is one of the most genuine and creative people I have had the pleasure to work with since we began our business a year ago. She not only gave us a spectacular logo and marketing material, she helped us find our brand and define who we wanted to be. She is a marketing therapist, and fantastically inspiring! I highly recommend her for all of your business needs.