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Anel Bester

Anel is a high performance personal and business coach based in New Zealand.  She has been in business for herself for many years, but felt she wanted to rebrand to represent the new direction of her life and business.  We worked in conjunction with Finity Creative, a marketing agency based in Florida, on this project.




We had a Skype session with Anel before starting any design.  We wanted to listen to her goals and getting a feeling for her design aesthetic as well what her ideal client looked like.  In coaching, creating branding that appeals to your target client is essential.  




Anel's branding process was so fast!  She was incredibly clear on what she liked and didn't like, so we were able to come up with something very quickly for her.  She wanted something feminine enough to denote that she is a woman and proud to be so, but also masculine enough to attract her ideal client - male business executives.  The result is minimalistic and modern with a very high end and exclusive feel.


We are so excited to see Anel.'s brand continue to expand in New Zealand and worldwide as shares her expertise and hard-fought-for-truth with us.  She is a total firecracker and we couldn't love that more!  


Anel Bester

Where do I even start? Honestly, I have no delusion about the fact that I'm a tough customer. I have exceptionally high standards and very little patience. What makes it worse is that when it comes to branding, I often struggle to find the words to explain the madness and multi-faceted contradictions that is me! Which has led to some interesting brands in the past. Jaclyn is different - a creative at soul-level, she 'gets' me. She listened intently and connected to my essence, translating it into a physical expression of my boldness whilst encapsulating class. I know my journey with Jaclyn is far from over as she will form part of my core team in my ever-evolving empire. I would only recommend Jaclyn to those who are serious about success. You rock on so many levels, Darling!