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  • 11 Things That May Be Killing Your Brand Online

    11 Things That May Be Killing Your Brand Online


    Are you putting out a lot of content but still not seeing any results? Do you have a great brand or business, yet feel like you’re still invisible online?

    We compiled a list of “do NOT’s” for your online marketing strategy in this Coffee Break. We have seen these “do not’s” repeatedly and one thing is for sure – they do not grow your business in any way, shape or form.

    Tune into this episode if:

    – you are failing to see growth in your online following/audience
    – you want to know the do’s and dont’s of social posting
    – you want to stand out from the online crowd
    – you want to effectively and positively engage your target customers/clients

    We say this with respect, but if you are doing any of these things online, STOP right now! We always advocate for authenticity, but at the same time, it needs to be appropriate for your audience and applicable to what you are selling.

    Let us know if you have questions in the comments below! As always, we love hearing from you!

    Have a great week, everyone!

  • 3 Ways to Differentiate Your Brand Online

    Want your brand/business to stick out in your community and in the online world? Then this video is for you!

    Watch this coffee break if:

    – you want to stand out online
    – you want to sell your products/services online
    – you want simplicity over chaos
    – you want to have a clear message on the internet

    We want to hear from YOU! What are you doing right now that makes you stick out? – We would LOVE to know. ūüôā

    Have a great week, everyone!

    Cheers to Growth & Here’s to the Grind!

    Johan + Jaclyn


  • LIVE Rebel Course: Tips for Identifying Your Target Audience

    Feeling confused about target demographic, buyer persona, audience identification?

    Well then this 13 minute video is for you. ¬†In it, we break down what a target audience is, why it’s important, and how you can define yours for your product or service.

    Have questions? ¬†Leave us a comment. ¬†We would love to hear from you! ¬†As always, our goal is to provide value, so if there is something we left out in the video above, let us know and we’ll do our best to clarify.

    Also, we would love to have you join our educational community on Facebook centered around up-leveling your life and business. ¬†Its community, its conversation, its education, its glorious… and we would love to have YOU. ¬†Join here.

  • 3 Must Do’s to Identify Your Target Demographic/Buyer Persona

    Welcome, welcome, welcome, to our 6th Coffee Break:¬†3 Must Do’s to Identify Your Target Demographic/Buyer Persona

    It’s hard to believe our digital doors have been open 1 month already. ¬†Woo hoo!

    Any who, today’s Break is all about your target demographic/buyer persona. ¬†You need to watch this video if:

    1. You want to sell stuff – I know that sounds simple, but you have to know this information if you want to make money offering a product or service.
    2. You’re confused about your branding and you want to know what direction to follow.
    3. You want to know the basics behind creating a buyer persona for your brand/business.
    4. You’re ready to check out your competition and adjust your approach to be more successful.

    Thanks so much for tuning into our Coffee Breaks brought to you by The Rebel Society!  We want to hear from you as our number one goal is to bring you value!

    • Was this Break helpful? ¬†If so, what was your biggest takeaway?
    • What are some tips you have to share about identifying your target demographic/buyer persona that we didn’t share?

    Also, don’t forget we hang out on Facebook LIVE via The Rebel Society on Wednesday’s at 11 AM EST to discuss our Coffee Breaks in detail. ¬†Join if you have questions/want to know more about this topic. Y’all are the best!